Amoni Crittendon

SFEPD Student Ambassador
Alabama A&M University
Hometown: Ozark, Alabama

Growing up, what kind of relationship did you have with money?

Growing up, I did not have the best relationship with money. With the help of SFEPD, I have improved my relationship with money.

What was it like to serve as an SFEPD Student Ambassador teaching your peers about personal finance, and what did you learn about yourself from this experience?

It is quite an experience to serve as an SFEPD Student Ambassador. To speak to my peers about personal finance has been both a teaching and learning experience for me. Over the course of this program, I have learned more myself, while also getting to know where others are at financially. One of the things I enjoy most is trying to expand the SFEPD student ambassador program on campus.

What are the major benefits of students learning personal finance skills through seminars and classes during their college years?

The major benefit of students learning about personal finance during their college years is an earlier successful life.

When should students start learning basic concepts about personal finance (in elementary, middle school, high school, or college) and why?

I think young people should start learning basic concepts about personal finance in elementary school. The earlier the knowledge is presented, the more information will be retained.

If you could share one financial tip with college students, what would it be?

Keep track of your expenses. Just because money is there, does not mean it has to be used right then!

As a result of your Student Ambassador experience, what key lessons did you learn to help you manage your money better and is planning for your financial future an important goal after college?

My experience as a Student Ambassador has allowed me to use my credit wisely. After I graduate from college, planning for my financial future will be an even more important goal being that I am able to plan more efficiently.

How did serving as a Student Ambassador help you prepare for your future and your career goals?

On top of getting my hands on all aspects of finance, I want to particularly become a financial advisor. SFEPD has taught me financial strategies and economic skills that I will be able to use to continue advising others.

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