Daevon Seawood-Walton

SFEPD Student Ambassador
Alabama A&M University
Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Growing up, what kind of relationship did you have with money?

I always loved money, and I always told myself that I would do something that involves money.

What was it like to serve as an SFEPD Student Ambassador teaching your peers about personal finance, and what did you learn about yourself from this experience?

It’s been an honor to call myself a student ambassador for SFEPD. The thing I enjoy most is simply teaching others who once sat in the same seat as me.

What are the major benefits of students learning personal finance skills through seminars and classes during their college years?

I see people who I call my peers becoming financially aware, which is something very important in our community.

When should students start learning basic concepts about personal finance (in elementary, middle school, high school, or college) and why?

Definitely no later than high school: it’s better to start early before you are already in debt.

If you could share one financial tip with college students, what would it be?

Listen to the other people who are teaching you about finance because we were once in your shoes.

As a result of your Student Ambassador experience, what key lessons did you learn to help you manage your money better and is planning for your financial future an important goal after college?

I learned how to be better with my credit and also to be more aware with budgeting. My financial future will always be the most important thing to me.

How did serving as a Student Ambassador help you prepare for your future and your career goals?

I plan to become a financial analyst upon graduation. My time in this program helped me plan out my future financially, as well as making a professional development plan.

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