Financial Seminars & Workshops

SFEPD develops and presents customized financial literacy and professional development training for individuals and organizations across the nation.

We offer innovative financial education seminars for educational institutions, faith-based organizations, and community groups. SFEPD also conducts workplace training for corporate entities, nonprofits, and federal, state, and local government agencies.

The financial literacy training focuses on:
  • Practical applications with money management concepts adults encounter throughout their lives.
  • Tailored learning for a range of individuals, backgrounds, and demographics.
  • Research-based national data to ensure each session is relevant to each group.
  • Customized instruction for face-to-face presentations and remote learning.
  • Interactive design with a dynamic format to engage audiences and encourage thoughtful decision-making.
  • Results that give attendees the tools, knowledge, and skills for financial and professional growth.
  • Highly skilled instructors. Our experienced financial educators hold graduate and post-graduate degrees in finance, professional development, and related fields.

To schedule a financial seminar or workshop, please contact

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