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Racism, Bias and Economic Inequality Impair the Financial Well-Being of Millions

It is intolerable, and frankly immoral, to ignore the outrage, sorrow and torment within our fragmented and unequal society. The epidemic of social and economic injustice persists as our country’s attempts to halt prejudice and build inclusivity have fundamentally failed. The inequity is evident in innumerable aspects of our society, most clearly demonstrated by the racial wealth gap that has endured for generations. Anger is justified. No longer can shortsighted, mute or indifferent actions be used as a way to react to the equity struggle that Black and Latinx Americans face. Racism is a reality. It is not a buzzword or political term. It is very real and very present.

Billy J. Hensley, Ph.D., President and CEO National Endowment for Financial Education addresses this issue in more detail on the NEFE website.

Ted Daniels participating in a panel discussion on Financial Literacy & Building Wealth March 3, 2020 at the Freedman’s Bank Forum at the U.S. Department of the Treasury. 

The Forum brought together leaders to discuss the historical significance of the Freedman’s Bank, Minority Depository Institutions, and the support of private institutions for economic growth for all Americans.

The webcast of the event is available here:

SFE&PD’s Founder, Ted Daniels participated in a “Working Group” to discuss the U.S. Retirement System. The Politico Working Group discussed policy ideas to ensure Americans have enough to fund their later years.
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A national homebuilder wants to help get Millennials out of student loan debt and into their own homes.

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Yolanda Vazquez talks with Theodore Daniels, Founder for the Society for Financial Education and Professional Development. Their expertise is the development and presentation of customized financial education and professional development seminars and workshops. For more information go to Society for Financial Education and Professional Development.

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SFE&PD has been featured in a number of new sources including the Washington Post, Media Planet, Huffington Post, Washington Informer and USA Today. Click on the link for more.