SFE&PD participates at 16th Annual NAAAHP Conference

Washington, DC – The Society for Financial Education and Professional Development (SFE&PD) is pleased to announce that the organization participated at the 16th Annual National Association of African-American Honors Program (NAAAHP) Conference.  Mr. Dywane Hall, a seminar presenter for SFEPD, presented a “Personal Money Management” workshop to the students.

The 2007 NAAAHP Conference was held October 31 to November 3, 2007 at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore campus. The NAAAHP aims to promote the development, enhancement, and support of honors programs in all HBCUs and PBCUs. The theme of this years Conference was “Beyond America: Black Americans in the World.”

For 16 years, NAAAHP member institutions, faculty members, student participants, and various other constituents of education organizations, gather at the NAAAHP’s conference to support honors programs in all HBCUs and PBCUs; advocate the funding of honors programs by federal and state agencies as well as by private philanthropic foundations and organization; facilitate the enrollment of African American-American students into graduate and professional schools; promote curriculums that foster lifelong discipline to knowledge; promote scholarship, and appreciation of the African American culture.

SFE&PD Vice President Una Daniels-Edwards attended the Conference. “This is a must needed Conference. It is important that our youth strive for honors and once they reach that point, have the tools and resources to further advance their respective careers.”

This is the third year that SFEPD has participated in the event.