Ted Daniels Speaks on Financial Education

Washington, DC — The Society for Financial Education and Professional Development’s (SFE&PD) founder and president, Theodore Daniels, recently spoke at the U.S. Department of Education on February 21, 2007. As part of Taking Ownership of the Future: The National Strategy for Financial Literacy, the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Treasury hosted a K-12 through Postsecondary Financial Literacy Literacy Summit.

The Summit discussed the challenges involved in teaching young people about money. Financial education practitioners from around the country discussed innovative techniques used to improve youth financial literacy.

Mr. Daniels spoke and participated in a panel discussion regarding the provision of financial education at postsecondary institutions. He provided information about the seminars/workshops that SFE&PD is currently providing to students of historically black colleges and universities. In addition, he shared the challenges and experiences of teaching financial education to this population.