2010 Financial Literacy Leadership Conference

The Society for Financial Education and Professional Development, Inc. is deeply grateful for the success of the Third Annual Financial Literacy Leadership Conference, held October 25-26, 2010. Such success was only realized due to the generosity of our sponsors, supporting partners, and conference attendees who are committed to increasing the financial literacy of Americans.

Society for Financial Education and Professional Development from J. Marcus on Vimeo.

We appreciate each individual and organization’s representative who attended the conference. We extend special thanks to all of our speakers, workshop moderators, and panelists who volunteered their valuable time to share their knowledge and expertise with conference attendees. The knowledge shared will have a multiplied impact as each conference attendee uses the knowledge and information gained to develop, fine-tune, and target their financial education programs.

Each year we will continue to come together to address financial literacy issues and strategies to bring all Americans to the level where they can make sound and informed financial decisions that will enable them to maximize their financial resources.

Theodore R. Daniels
President and CEO
Society for Financial Education & Professional Development, Inc.

Selected presentations from the conference

  • Workshop II: Methods and Strategies for Teaching Financial Education to Children
    Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship – by Julie Kantor
  • Workshop III: Methods and Strategies to Market Financial Education
    Telling a Good Story: The Art of the Pitch – by Keith Blackman
  • Workshop IV: Methods and Strategies to Provide
    Financial Education for People with Disabilities
  • Workshop V: What Every Financial Educator Should Know About the Credit Card Act of 2009, Credit Scoring and Financial Reform
    What You Need to Know: New Credit Card Rules – by Yvonne Cooper and Paul Panichelli
  • Workshop VI: Cultural Differences and Financial Education
    Cultural Differences and Designing Financial Education – by Holly Chase
  • Workshop VII: Methods and Strategies to Provide Financial Education to the Elderly
    Strategies to Meet the Financial Education Needs of the Elderly – by M. Cindy Hounsell and Brent Neiser
  • Plenary Session: Financial Literacy Research, Surveys, Evaluation and Analysis – by John Gannon, Dr. Tahira Hira and Joanne Yoong