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Alexandria, VA– Leading financial advisors and educational experts will take an in-depth look at financial decision making and insights into what motivates people in their financial actions at a national education conference Oct 2-3, 2017.

“Financial Reality vs. Financial Behavior” is the focus of 10th Annual Financial Literacy Leadership Conference and 10th Anniversary Celebration, sponsored by the Society for Financial Education and Professional Development, (SFE&PD), one of the nation’s first nonprofits to teach financial literacy in the United States.

“Too many Americans are financially illiterate and are not prepared to get the most out of their financial resources – that’s why strategies to increase financial literacy must be a top national priority,” said Theodore “Ted” Daniels, SFE&PD Founder and President. Only two in five adults have a budget, 18 percent of Americans spend more than they make, and 50 percent of people are without rainy-day funds — teaching Americans the skills to become financially healthy is urgently needed, Daniels said. “We have assembled the best minds in the financial sector to raise awareness that financial literacy must be taught in communities across the nation.”

The conference will dive into major aspects of behavioral money management and healthy financial practices for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Workshops will explore poverty and financial decision making, financial crisis management, closing the wealth gap, money management for youth and millennials, seniors and much more.

To date, SFE&PD has provided financial literacy training to more than 300, 000 people, including 230,000 students at 90 colleges and universities, 70 of which were held at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). SFE&PD has also developed successful national curriculum development models for government and private sector groups.

Daniels, a financial education advisor with more than 35 years of experience, has written syndicated personal financial education columns, and produced a financial education TV series broadcast on PBS and cable systems nationwide. He is an adjunct professor at Howard University where he teaches financial literacy to divinity students in Washington, D.C.


Founded in 1998 and based in Alexandria, VA, SFE&PD is an award –winning financial literacy and professional development nonprofit on a mission to empower individuals with skills to be financially literate, and to help them achieve financial and professional goals. SFE&PD conducts financial education seminars and teaches money management courses to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, for universities, nonprofits, corporate groups, and government agencies. For information about SFE&PD’s 10th annual conference or to schedule an interview with Ted Daniels, call 703-920-3807 or visit