Student Ambassador Program

“SFE&PD has given me the opportunity to develop myself as a young leader by teaching me personal money management concepts that I share with my peers. The Student Ambassador Program is great because college students need financial advice. Thank you!”

Corey Moore, 2017 Student Ambassador
North Carolina A&T State University
Participating Colleges/Universities

In 2017, SFE&PD started the SFE&PD Student Ambassador Program to train college students to teach their peers about financial education. The program targets students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), many of whom are first-generation students, and has quickly expanded. 

SFE&PD trains the Student Ambassadors in personal financial concepts to enable them to lead and teach engaging financial classes to fellow students. Our Ambassadors are mentored by business school professors and SFE&PD to help them create their own lessons plans for interactive workshops and presentations. In this way, the students develop leadership skills and act as champions of financial literacy on their college campuses. Student Ambassadors coordinate educational events, teach financial literacy classes, and develop programs to reach their peers. Financial workshops include topics of interest to college students: credit management, student loan management, budgeting, saving and investing, and financial goal setting.

SFE&PD appreciates the generous support of corporate sponsors and donors who fund the Student Ambassador Project so that students gain financial skills that can last a lifetime. As word of our engaging student-centered project grows, universities continue to contact us to ask to start a Student Ambassador Program at their schools. If you would like to support this mission, please email us at or call us at 703.920.3807.

SFE&PD Student Ambassador Program Goals:

❖ Infuse financial literacy into college students’ education through peer-to-peer learning,
❖ Expand the impact of SFE&PD and its partners’ financial education programs,
❖ Establish lasting financial literacy programs on HBCU campuses,
❖ Empower students to make good financial decisions,
❖ Increase college & university retention/graduation rates,
❖ Reduce student loan defaults, and
❖ Change the financial behavior of communities at large.

Through this program, we estimate that we can directly reach thousands of HBCU students and indirectly help many community members. Moreover, we believe the new Student Ambassador Program will enhance HBCUs efforts to support the financial well-being of their students and underserved communities across the United States.

Interested in Partnering?
If you are interested in becoming a partner of the SFE&PD Student Ambassadors Program, please email us at