Student Ambassadors in the News

SFEPD Financial Literacy Lessons Go Global

Yulianna Charris
SFEPD Student Ambassador (2018-20)
Florida Memorial University
Home: Caracas, Venezuela

Theophilus Tagoe
SFEPD Student Ambassador (2019-20)
North Carolina
Central University
Home: Accra, Ghana

Two of our Student Ambassadors taught innovative financial literacy video lessons for the U.S. Department of State. These lessons for young adults are broadcast globally through the U.S. Department of State’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Network. Over 17,000 young adults – and counting – have viewed the financial video lessons around the world. Click on “Read More” to watch the videos on “Budgeting for Your Future” and “Investing, Credit, and Debt Management.” Learn about Yulianna Charris’ and Theophilus Tagoe’s service as ambassadors and how they are sharing financial expertise with their peers.

Wells Fargo Stories

We are pleased to share the Wells Fargo Stories article about rock stars in the SFEPD Student Ambassadors Program, our peer-to-peer financial literacy initiative flourishing at HBCUs nationwide! Learn how Brandi McLean, Corey Moore, and Trivia Edwards are paying it forward. Click on the link and learn how SFEPD Student Ambassadors are increasing the financial capacity of their peers.