Faith-Based Community Seminars

SFEPD teaches customized financial literacy seminars to pastors, ministers, students at divinity and theology schools, and individuals at faith-based institutions.

Our mission is to increase the financial and stewardship knowledge of students, ministers, and pastors by teaching them practical money management skills. The program is designed for divinity students, ministers, and pastors to learn how to teach financial skills to their congregants. SFEPD teaches religious leaders financial empowerment strategies and encourages them to use SFEPD’s curriculum training model in faith-based communities.

Topics include:

Faith-Centered Approach for Stewardship of Financial Resources

Sacred Money Wars

What is Your Will?

Financial Planning for Pastors and Ministers

Student Loan Management

Pastors, Ministers, and the IRS

Managing and Maintaining a 501(c)(3) Organization

Maximizing Your Financial Blessing through Investing

Credit and Debt Management

The Church and Risk Management

How to Manage a Church through Economic Cycles

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